Dedicated SMTP Server: What Is It?

Our dedicated and private SMTP server is a complete enterprise-grade email server with SMTP and POP3/IMAP functionality that allows you to send unlimited email (transactional or marketing emails) per month. The SMTP server is fully compliant and employs industry-standard authentication properties such as forward/reverse DNS, proper matching HELO name, SPF, DKIM etc. The dedicated SMTP server is 100% private and unmanaged and not shared with other users. This means that ultimately you are responsible for sending good content to your Confirmed opt-in (COI) subscribers via the SMTP server as well as maintaining the reputation of the SMTP server. To learn more about the "Unmanaged" nature of the SMTP server, please check below.

Unmanaged SMTP Server TOS/SLA?

The following terms of services(TOS) or service-level agreement (SLA) shall apply:

A dedicated/private SMTP server will be provisioned. The server will not be shared with anyone and therefore you will be fully responsible for maintaining the reputation of the server. If during usage, the server IP is blacklisted, you will be fully responsible for delisting/removing the server IP from the blacklists.

Any form of SPAM/SCAM or illegal content is strictly prohibited. If the server is terminated due to abuse, you will receive no refunds.

Each SMTP server purchased will have 1 dedicated IP. Please do not contact us and ask for more IPs. You must strive to build reputation for the single IP included with each SMTP server.

Our private SMTP server is completely unmanaged and we offer no inbox delivery guarantee. The SMTP server will be setup with proper authentication properties such as SPF, Forward/Reverse DNS, proper matching HELO name and DKIM to enhance inbox deliverability. However, this doesn't guarantee still 100% deliverability.If you send some good content and build reputation, you can acheive improved inbox delivery.

We will provide full technical support and troubleshooting at no additional costs.

The SMTP server will have a "cold" or new IP address. Therefore we strongly recommend that the IP address be warmed up by gradually sending low to moderate email volumes and eventually working your way up to larger volumes with the goal of establishing a reputation as a legitimate email sender in the eyes of ISPs.


Private SMTP Server Features

Uses the secure Postfix/Dovecot open source application

Includes a dedicated/static single IP with free mapped domain name

Forward Confirmed reverse DNS support

Installation of a full featured SPF and DKIM compliant SMTP server for efficient email delivery

Ability to send unlimited emails per month without any throttling. With a decent network speed and multithreaded/fast email sender program, you can send up to 100K emails daily

Incoming POP3/IMAP Email server support

Secure SASL username/password authentication (Hacker Proof)

Unlimited space and bandwidth

Supports unlimited SMTP user accounts creation on the same SMTP server

SSL enabled SMTP server for secure connections

Works perfectly with all email marketing applications such as Atomic Mail Sender, SendBlaster etc

Free technical support

Free enhanced email deliverability guide and tips

Free SMTP server troubleshooting guides



SPF or DKIM records are DNS records that some receiving mail hosts use to verify the authenticity of mail. The SPF record provides a list of addresses (IPs and DNS names) that are allowed to send mail on behalf of a particular domain and provides information to receiving SMTP servers about whether or not a particular email message is authentic. SPFv1 uses a very simple approach where a domain’s DNS server provides a root level TXT record that supplies information about SMTP mail servers that are permitted to originate domain email. Domain Keys is a type of email verification system using public key cryptography.


About Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS

Forward-confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS) is a situation where a given IP address has forward (name-to-address) and reverse (address-to-name) DNS entries that match each other. That is to say, an IP is said to have FCrDNS if it has a forward DNS (name -> IP) and reverse DNS (IP -> name) that match. This is very useful in SPAM filtering to ensure that the mail originated at the domain. This works because Spammers cannot normally forge FCrDNS if they are sending from zombie computers. Most ISPs use FCrDNS lookup to authenticate the IP address the connection is coming from and If the FCrDNS lookup fails, the incoming IP address goes to a blacklist.


About STARTTLS SMTP Encryption Extension

SMTP sessions conducted over a standard TCP/IP channel are vulnerable to eavesdropping because the unencoded transmission can be easily intercepted. To protect SMTP communications, SMTP servers can be configured to use the STARTTLS extension, to provide privacy and authentication.

STARTTLS has the following advantages:

Authentication: client and server of a SMTP connection can be identified

privacy/confidentiality: the transmission of an e-mail between a client and server utilizingSTARTTLS can not be read and retranslated into plaintext provided a sufficiently secure ciphersuite has been negotiated.

Integrity: the plaintext of an e-mail between a client and server utilizing STARTTLS can not be modified by an adversary provided a sufficiently secure ciphersuite has been negotiated.

Provisioning Policy

After your order we will setup your dedicated SMTP Server. As a result of the SMTP domain mapping and other DNS setup for the SMTP server, it can take between 24 to 48 hours to deliver the SMTP Server. In most cases it is within 24 hours.

What You Will Get

After the SMTP server setup, we will provide you with the SMTP server including incoming POP3/IMAP email server details as follows:





Please note that we do not issue refunds once the SMTP servers have been provisioned.

Terms and Conditions

This SMTP can only be used in strict complaince with the applicable SPAM/UBE laws. By subscribing for this service, you agree that you will comply with all applicable anti-spam laws such as CAN-SPAM. We are not responsible for any misuse or abuse of the service to send SPAM/UBE.


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